SustainTech has developed a new and effective technology that removes pharmaceutical and hormonal contaminants in both fresh- and seawater. We see this as a considerable breakthrough in solving a big and constantly growing problem of increasing contamination of natural waters such as rivers, lakes, estuaries, fjords and open seas around the world.

Our R&D team have demonstrated that our technology effectively removes the targeted contaminants. We have built a fully functional pilot plant at our research lab at Her√łya research park in Porsgrunn, Norway.

Our Engineering team have focused on building the equipment with a small footprint and making it flexible and scalable and also very energy efficient. This makes building and installation of various sizes easy, thus making the technology relevant (and accessible) for different customer segments ranging from larger municipal water treatment plants, treatment of industrial production waste water and also smaller installations in agriculture and aquaculture production.

Our technology makes it possible to treat large amounts of water with little energy consumption and at a speed that makes our solution (perfect) for treatment of water from pharmaceutical production (industry), urban waste water plants and water from agriculture and aquaculture.