The Team

Trond Ingebretsen

Trond Ingebretsen is our dedicated Managing Director. Trond has previously managed major projects for Imatis and Schlumberger, in particular for offshore engineering infrastructure.

Vegard Heggem

Vegard Heggem is our Technical Manager. As well as holding a Master’s degree in chemical engineering and holding positions as a process engineer, Vegard spent the last 8 years as VP-operations at Vistin Pharma, so understands of the challenges associated with environmental issues related to pharmaceuticals.

Bjørge Fredheim

Bjørge Fredheim will take the role of Exploitation Manager. He has previously worked within the aquaculture sector, having started his own aquaculture consultancy in 2000. He is a marine biologist and also a successful entrepreneur. He has extensive experience in acquisition and merging of businesses.