Sustaintech is a green-tech company which contributes to sustainable solutions for society and industry.

Increased drug use presents us with major environmental challenges

Drugs and antibiotic-resistant bacteria harm people and the environment

there is an increase in use of pharmaceuticals

Pharmaceuticals are made to keep us healthy

the sewer transports resistant bacteria

It all starts with you and me. Excess antibiotics go through our bodies and into the sewers, and disease-causing bacteria can survive treatment plants.

antibiotics resistency

Antibiotic resistance is the cause of more than 30,000 deaths in Europe each year.

harming nature

Birth control pills, cancer and diabetes medicine, heart medicine, beauty products and much more harm life in water


  • Drugs are specifically designed to act on living cells
  • Many pharmaceutical chemicals are designed to be readily degradable, to withstand chemical degradation as they pass through the human or animal body
  • They pose a special risk when they or their active metabolites or degradation agents enter, persist and spread in the environment.
  • About 2/3 of all medications are not absorbed by the body, but end up in the sewer
  • Disease-causing bacteria can survive treatment plants
  • Regular treatment plants do not remove drugs

Global challenges

  • The world’s population is growing and growing older
  • Several developing countries can afford medical treatment
  • Many medicines are not patent protected, which means that they are cheap incentive to develop new ones that are better environmentally friendly, and are limited
  • The production of pharmaceuticals produces large environmental emissions, especially in developing countries

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We deliver complete plants for sales or leasing


Licensing of developed technology or process, including participation in third party technology development

Full scale testing

Practical tests on the purification of various types of contaminated water


Management and implementation of innovation projects in water purification